Clinical Evaluation

Clinical Evaluation

Ó Objectives:
    1. To prove the efficacy, safety, and the usability of JÓLI360 for the treatment of mild and moderate facial wrinkles.
    2. To establish common parameters of treatment for any age to be used by future customers.

Ó Three groups of subjects divided by age:

    1. 25-35 years old
    2. 35-55 years old
    3. 55 and older

Ó Base photographic records using a Visia System from Canfield, USA.

Ó Pictures were analyzed for wrinkles, texture, porphyrins, brown/UV spots and pores.

JOLI360 before and after treatment

(Left to right: before and after)

Ó Treatments were performed twice a week for 8 weeks.


Prof. Stefano Verardi, Rome.

Ó Promising short-term results in the reduction of the number of wrinkles and their thickness.

Ó Significant reduction of total wrinkles and elastosis (nearly all patients).

Ó Persistent improvement in the overall appearance of wrinkles and elastosis.

Ó No side effects.

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JOLI360 clinical evaluation