What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is the backbone of our connected world. It is a vast network of many kinds of devices connected to the internet. With an estimated 25 billion connected devices (Gartner), the IoT plays a role in many aspects of our lives. Empowered by cloud-based storage, real-time analytics, machine learning and devices that communicate with each other, the IoT enables the creation of truly smart applications and environments. In a smart home, such connected devices as smart speakers, alarm systems, door locks and thermostats work together to make our lives more convenient. In a smart city, IoT-connected cameras, traffic lights, and other devices keep our cities running smoothly. From farming to retail, shipping to manufacturing – the IoT is everywhere.

How Does It Help You?

We bring the capabilities of the IoT to skin rejuvenation. Using the IoT, JÓLI360 helps you work smarter and more effectively than ever before.

Ó Enables you to provide your clients with the highest level of personalized professional care:
Ó Each time you use JÓLI360, information about your client’s tests and treatments is recorded. This enables sophisticated analysis of each client’s needs and progress – allowing you to develop personalized treatment programs.





Ó JÓLI360 gives you 24/7 access to professional advice and insights from leading dermatologists (coming soon).


Ó Simple online updates keep your JÓLI360 operating perfectly, while maximizing your convenience.
It’s no wonder that LUXLife Magazine named JÓLI360 Best IoT Skincare Solution 2020 (Middle East)! Based on extensive research, comparing JÓLI360 to competitors on the basis of treatments, formulations, product range and testimonials, the editors of LUXLife determined that JÓLI360 was “one of the very best [products] that the $4.2 trillion Health, Beauty & Wellness industry has to offer”.

Why Essence?

E.S.I. Novel, maker of JÓLI360, is a member of the Essence Group. JÓLI360 leverages the Essence Group’s 25 years as a global market leader in the development of IoT devices, systems and solutions, with more than 50 million devices deployed worldwide.
Essence understands the need for privacy. Every aspect of your JÓLI360 was designed with data security and your clients’ privacy in mind.