How to Look and Feel More Youthful

Growing old is one of life’s inevitabilities, and as we age, we all feel like we are missing the energy and look that comes with youth. However, although aging is inevitable, there are steps that you can take today to improve your appearance and keep you feeling as young and as youthful as possible!


There are plenty of ways to help you improve your appearance and feel younger, so we have put together some of our top tips you should try today:


1. Eat well

One of the most important ways to make yourself look and feel more youthful is to ensure that you are eating more healthily. When you are eating more greens, your diet becomes rich in antioxidants, which help to fight inflammation and keep your body and skin looking and feeling more youthful and healthier.



Vegetables and fruits, combined with whole grains and lean protein, ensure your body is being fueled by the very best nutrients possible. This helps yo u fight the process of aging, leaving your body looking great inside and outside.


2. Stay hydrated

Another essential tip to ensuring that you look and feel younger is to make sure that you are remaining hydrated. Water is a crucial ingredient to how our body functions, and ensuring you are drinking your six glasses a day will keep it working in optimal condition and keep your skin looking supple and youthful.


When our body does not get enough water and we become dehydrated, it begins pulling water from other sources, which leaves your skin feeling dry. This can lead to wrinkles as your skin loses its elasticity. Staying hydrated will ensure your skin cells are able to replenish faster, keeping your skin looking fantastic.


Our analyzer enables the measurement of three basic skin-status indicators, including Hydration, so you can learn about your facial skin’s Hydration level at the touch of a button using JÓLI360.


3. Get active

As we get older, staying active becomes harder and harder to do. However, it is an essential part of keeping your body healthy and ensuring you look and feel more youthful. Exercise does not need to be a high-intensity workout; anything that gets the blood flowing and your heart pumping can help.


As the blood flows around your body, it helps to move oxygen and nutrients around your cells, keeping them in better condition and giving you a more youthful appearance. Exercise can also help lower the hot flashes associated with menopause as well as improve memory and brain function.



4. Utilize anti-aging products

Even the most healthy and active people will still need a little boost to keep their skin looking youthful. Anti-aging products such as collagen-based face cream, or an anti-aging treatment device such as JÓLI360, that combines three different technologies, can help to give your skin the boost it needs and reduce the impact of wrinkles.


These products and treatments are a great way to keep your body healthier and help you fight the process of aging. Incorporating various vitamin and beauty supplements can also help give you more energy, improve your mood, and boost your immune system.


5. Protect yourself from the sun

While we all love to relax in the warmth of the summer sun, without adequately protecting ourselves  can lead to premature aging of the skin. The UV rays from the sun are responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of aging, breaking down the tissue and elastin that gives your skin that youthful look.


Using sun cream whenever you are out in the sun, no matter whether it is winter or summer will help protect your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


6. Consider an aesthetic procedure

While taking steps today can help to slow down the process of aging, sometimes it is not enough or is too late. Seeking professional help and treatments can leave you looking and feeling more youthful.


When people think of aesthetic procedures, they often think of big plastic surgery procedures; however, there are a number of very effective non-invasive treatments that you can opt for. These treatments can help you slow down the signs of aging.


7. Get your beauty sleep

Finally, another fantastic tip to help you stay looking and feeling more youthful is to ensure you are getting enough sleep. Not getting your six to eight hours a night means the cells in your body are not able to repair themselves as effectively. Being tired also leaves you looking drained and not as youthful as you can be.



Another top tip when it comes to sleep is to try and sleep on your back. This helps to alleviate the pressure on your face, which can reduce the risk of wrinkle appearing.


Growing old might be inevitable but taking these steps today can help you to maintain your youthful looks and feeling for as long as possible!