Trends in the Aesthetics World in 2021

2020 might have seen the world’s focus on things outside of aesthetic medicine and treatments, with life beginning to ease back to normal, 2021 looks set to be an incredible year. The lockdown and social distancing of the last year have not slowed down developments in the world of aesthetics, nor has it seen people lose interest in undertaking various procedures.


With such pent up demand and growing advancements in technology and treatments, what trends lie in store for the aesthetics world in 2021? We thought we would take a closer look at some of the biggest…


1. Preventative treatment

After a year of being kept inside, many people feel like they have lost a large chunk of time. Experts are predicting that 2021 will see a rise in people using anti-aging injections and preventative treatments to keep themselves looking younger and more youthful.


While it was once the choice of middle-aged people, an increasing number of people in their 20s and 30s are opting for preventative anti-aging treatment. Not only does this help them to keep a more youthful appearance, but it also helps reduce the chances of them needing more intensive procedures later in life.


2. Inclusive treatments

Although 2020 was dominated by the pandemic, it also saw a global push for equality. 2021 will see the aesthetics world adopt a more inclusive approach, with healthcare, makeup, and skincare making changes that will enable it to embrace all skin tones and types.


Alongside the treatments and products, brands will also become more inclusive in terms of their advertising and imagery. This will portray the full range of diversity within the aesthetics world, helping it reach even more people.


3. Easier access to treatments

The economic impact of the pandemic remains unknown, but experts all agree that the way businesses and companies operate will change. The world of aesthetics is no different, and companies will likely have to adapt their business model to offer more services and treatments to keep up with consumer demand.


This will means that customers will have greater access to a wider range of treatments. For example, instead of heading to the spa for a simple massage, you would also be able to get a range of aesthetic treatments while there.


4. Focus on the eyes

One of the key physical trends of 2021 looks set to be a focus on making your eyes as big and beautiful as possible. From surgical treatments to non-surgical options such as brow lifts and under-eye filler, this year will be all about making your eyes as attractive as possible.


2021 will not only be about making your eyes more attractive but also ensuring that you look more rested and relaxed without needing vast amounts of makeup.



5. Enhance not alter

Another very big trend that looks set to become common across the world of aesthetics in 2021 is a greater emphasis on enhancing your appearance rather than altering it. This means people will be ditching the more intrusive surgeries in favour of seeking subtle and easier enhancements to their look.


From various laser treatments for conditions such as inflammation and pigmentation to injections to provide a more youthful and natural appearance, 2021 looks set to be about enhancing your current look.


6. Laser technology

Laser technology also looks set to become a major trend in the aesthetics world in 2021. Technology has seen these devices move forward at an incredible pace in recent years and is allowing patients to enjoy non-invasive treatments. From rejuvenating your skin and removing blemishes and scars to helping target wrinkles, these lasers are becoming more powerful and effective. Our LLLT treatment aligns with this trend, by promoting skin rejuvenation using Low Laser Level Therapy that increases collagen production to treat wrinkles. 



After a tough 2020, the next 12 months look set to be a very positive year for the aesthetics industry. Technology and an eagerness to get back to normality look set to see patients seeking a wide range of treatments. This will mean that aesthetic providers, such as clinics and spas, will need to ensure they are able to provide consumers with the latest trends and services.